The Film

WE STILL RISE – a feature documentary produced by Passion Pictures – tells the story of the women behind the Women’s March.


It all started with a Facebook post from retired lawyer and grandmother Teresa Shook in Hawaii. It simply asked who would march with her on Washington. Just a few months later a core group of incredible women had created a global movement. Five million people marched in 80 countries on January 21, 2017. 


No one could have predicted how one Facebook post would herald the first resistance to the populist right and kick-start a new era in politics.


Washington DC experienced the second busiest day on the Metro subway ever, with over one million rides. Barack Obama’s inauguration was the only day busier. In Russia, one woman “marched” on her own. 


And in Saudi Arabia, 800 women protested in a hotel foyer to mark the event.


This film allows the women who made it all happen tell their story candidly and openly. 


A story of how a personal crusade soon became a march for all of us – regardless of gender, class, or ethnicity. WE STILL RISE captures this pivotal time in our collective history. When ordinary women achieved something extraordinary. 

The Story

The year 2016 saw an unprecedented shift in the global political landscape. After years of feeling unheard and left behind, many yearned for change. This change appeared to manifest itself towards right wing, ultra conservative politics that many countries had not experienced for generations. People worried it would threaten many of the basic human rights that had been fought hard over for decades. 

With the onset of Brexit, a shift to the right across Europe, and the election of Trump, this film tells the story of the women who felt they could no longer remain silent. From the initial idea by a retiree in Hawaii, to the millions that took to the streets, this is the story of the everyday women, mothers, chefs, teachers, administration workers who, with no experience in activism or protest, found themselves compelled to act. In doing so, they moved millions around the world into action.





We have the full support of the Women’s March organisers and organisations, including the US National Team, State leads, and the Global Organisation. 

Not only do we have the women who made it all happen, we have seasoned activists and celebrities who were so inspired they lent their voice and influence. These include Janet Mock, Gina Miller, Camilla Kerslake and Chelsea Handler.

Thanks to the cooperation and outreach of the organisers on our behalf, we have also been able to source footage from marchers themselves. This enables the audience to experience the day first-hand. We also have some exclusive behind-the-scenes images and footage of the build-up from key cities, including their HQ “War Room” at the Watergate Hotel.


Dagmara Kodlubanski

Director, Producer

Dagmara runs her own live action and animation production company in London. With a background in journalism and broadcast radio in Australia, she had her own radio show in Melbourne, and has produced and presented shows and documentaries on a variety of subject matters, from popular culture to 9/11. She also has experience working in a number of technology startups, including the Skype founders.


This project has been the perfect way for her to combine her background in journalism, her passion for content production, and her belief that everyday women can really make a difference. 


WE STILL RISE is Dagmara’s first feature documentary. 

John Battsek

Executive Producer

MD Passion Pictures

John Battsek conceived and produced the Academy Award-winning ONE DAY IN SEPTEMBER and has since been responsible for over thirty feature documentaries including Academy Award nominated RESTREPO; Academy Award and BAFTA winning SEARCHING FOR SUGAR MAN and the BAFTA winning HILLSBOROUGH. 

Most recently, Battsek produced ERIC CLAPTON: LIFE IN 12 BARS – an intimate, revealing musical odyssey on the life and career of the guitar virtuoso – and THE FINAL YEAR, which offers an unprecedented look at the shaping of US foreign policy by following key members of former US President Barack Obama’s administration. 

So far in 2018 Battsek has produced WESTWOOD: PUNK, ICON, ACTIVIST, the first film to encompass the remarkable story of the fashion designer’s life and STUDIO 54, the real story behind the greatest club of all time. Both films premiered at Sundance in 2018. 

Production Team


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